Sep 6, 2012

Dear ENN Readers: My wife Cann't Do Without S*x and I'm traveling soon

From a ENN reader... I'm a Ghanaian man married to a Nigerian woman from the south and in all my years of dating women, I have never come across a woman who loves s*x like my wife does.

 Initially I was flattered by it thinking she found me irresistible, but I've realised it's not about me. She loves s*x so much and can't go for more than a week without it.

One time I traveled to Abuja for business and after being in the city for five days, my wife she flew in just to have s*x and left the following day.

 Since being married (two years with two kids) we have never really been apart for so long so I have always managed to satisfy her s*xual needs. The reason I'm writing in now is because I'm traveling to Europe soon for business and I will be away for two months. If not for the little children, I would have taken my wife with me.

 If she can't do without s*x for more than a week, how are we going to survive two months apart? I am afraid she will cheat on me.

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