Sep 11, 2012

Why Is My Husband So Ungrateful And Unfaithful?

My heart is heavy and I'm very confused; all thanks to my husband and his promiscuous nature. How can I explain that we are just 3 years into our marriage and this man I called my husband has started chasing other women?

Before we got marriage he was always complaining whenever we're having sex that I'm adding too much weight and that I'm not flexible. To satisfy him in bed I started watching my weight and going to the the gym until I trimmed down a little.

Now the story has changed. My husband is no longer
attractive to me because I don't have big boobs and other attractions of fat ladies. He can't take his eyes off busty ladies anywhere he goes and the worst he that he's now dating one ugly fat lady in our area.

I've caught him more two times with this lady and he can't even deny it. Now am beginning to regret why I listened to him about my weight before we got married.

If I go out to satisfy my urge people will condemn me. But with the way he's going, if he doesn't change, I will have no choice than to look for another man to help myself since he hardly make love to me and even when he does, it's not as hot as before.

Please, why is it that men are so unfaithful to their wives?

- From a trouble wife.

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