Oct 8, 2012

Crack In Ini Edo's Marriage? Allegedly Threatens Hubby, Philips Ehiagwina To Walk Out Of Marriage If Fed Up With Her?

If what gossip mongers are revealing to us is anything to go by, then all may not be too well in the marriage of reportedly pregnant Nollywood actress, Ini Edo and her husband of four years, Philip Ehiagwina.

What an olofofo, who claimed to be close to Ini Edo divulged to us seems very disturbing. It has always been believed that US-based Philip is allegedly being on the bills of Ini Edo. Some gossip merchants swore that he (Philip) depends on the sultry actress to survive.

The latest that we are hearing about the couple, who attended a fashion show in the US together recently, is that there is an alleged crack in their four years old marriage. continue reading below..

According to a bird in the know, Philip allegedly called the attention of his wife that his people (family members) are complaining about news they hear about her. As the tale bearer told us, Ini reportedly replied her handsome hubby to leave her alone and let her be.

You think she stopped there? The amebor said Ini Edo then reportedly told Philip to walk out of the marriage if he is tired of her and the news his people are hearing about her. We also learnt from another tale bearer that Philip reportedly called some of Ini's friends to inform them of what his wife told him. The olofofo then said that their marriage is just like a time bomb now waiting to explode.

Though there were others things we were told about the marriage, but those are matters of another day. We hope this gist is not true because we do not subscribe to marriage break-up in Nollywood. We have had enough marriage break-ups in the motion pictures industry in Nigeria.

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