Oct 14, 2012

How Super Eagles Star Godwin Opara S*xually Assaulted Me For Two Years-Tina

Tina Okpara, the teenage girl who was serially defiles by Super Eagles star, Godwin Okpara, has released a book, detailing how the s*xual assault went on for two years.

In the book titled, “My Life Has A Price”, the victim narrates how she was adopted at age 13 by the Okparas and taken to France.

Linda, Okpara’s wife, then enslaved her for five years and turned a blind eye to the s*xual abuse, she says in the book.

Tina’s decision to write the book seven years after she regained freedom, aims at raising awareness and helping other girls who might be going through the same horrendous experience, she said in an interview with magazine.

“One day, I told myself that if I refused testifying, other girls will continue to experience modern slavery,” she said.

She explained how her biological father was tricked by the Okparas into believing that she would be sent to school in France where the Super Eagles star was playing for Paris Saint Germain.
However, once in France, she was used as a sex slave. She was also prevented by Linda from attending school.

“The day she spat it on my face that schooling was not for me because I was too stupid, I lost all hope,” she said

As the abuse worsened, Tina kept secret notebooks where she could “dump all my sorrow”.
“These notebooks were used to dump all my sorrow, all my hatred for Linda. It was my lifeline and my friend,” she said.
The 188-page book, originally written in French, has just been translated into English.
Godwin is currently serving a 10-year jail term in France, while his wife, Linda, will be in jail for 15 years.

-PM News

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