Oct 6, 2012

“I Have No Regrets Posting Comments About Me Having Early Morning Sex On Twitter” – Kefee

Branama singer Kefee became an internet sensation few weeks ago after posting a comment about having sex early in the morning on Twitter. As expected peoples response to her post went both ways, with some calling her unprintable names, while some credited her for being bold enough to tell the world how good her husband was in bed. READ THE TWEET BELOW AFTER THE CUT

In a recent interview with The Punch newspapers, the question was brought up and Kefee said:

“I didn’t expect that my comment, ‘Early morning sex is good,’ which I posted on Twitter would generate such number of comments. I was being factual. That was how I felt that particular time. I don’t regret the post.”

Many thanks Kefee for expressing your freedom of private speech openly.

Don’t forget to tell us how late afternoon and midnight sex feel like. #kefeetohbadtgan!

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