Oct 23, 2012

Please Help - I'm In Love With A Lesbian But I Am Married

In my opinion my problem is probably not a common one, I must say the truth , I am a man who is 45years old and it happened that I met someone about 2 years ago who is a lesbian with a girlfriend but we became very close and on one occasion we got down.

I’m very conflicted for two reasons: one, she’s a lesbian with a girlfriend and two, I have been married for many years like 12years. Not sure how to proceed I know
I love her but Im also realistic and feel a bit foolish for feeling this way. I dont want to hurt anyone and also dont know how to deal with this situation, Im sure in a different time and place something may have come out of this but what do I do now. I love her i know she has feelings for me but again she’s a lesbian and Im married. And I just don’t know what to make out of it…mr babs

Okay, people, I always know that I can counton you for your support and I want you to call and advice this man here, what are you going to tell him to do…. Seeing that emotions can take a toll on us sometimes and we just get beclouded so badly that we can figure out the right from the wrong…
So great counselors out there… please call in and show your sense of professionalism… pls advice?

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