Oct 14, 2012

Viewer Discretion Advised- Video Girl Caught Stealing And Stripped Unclad

Enn Reader, Aluu is not just in portharcourt but figuratively everywhere, and Alluites abound in Nigeria! While we are still mourning the cruel death of the Aluu4, I have heard of about three cases where similar fate almost befell innocent people.

This case is about the fourth I've heard where people have caught a person alleged to be a thief and proceeded to mete out their own form of Justice on the victim, without thinking of asking questions, talk more of handing the alleged thief to the police.

The video as told by a narrator shows a girl who was caught stealing whatIdon'tknow yesterday and was stripped, disgraced and abused by some barbaric men. I'm greatly angered by their actions, particularly because most of those crucifying and dehumanizing the girl in this video are the opposite s*x.

I mean, what ever happened to the police? Isn't Aluu enough reason to temper justice with mercy by not taking laws into their hands? How does anyone participate in dehumanizing another person, let alone a
female, in such a dastard way? Sadly most of the people who are first to cast stones are usually thieves themselves, just yet uncaught. I just can never comprehend what goes on in the minds of people who engage in such activities.

I know that over time, the practice of disgracing thieves by stripping them naked, pummeling , and even killing them in some cases has being around for a while, but this is the 21st century, and we are not animals! Stealing is WRONG, but JUNGLE JUSTICE is horrible, and must STOP!

We must all join hands to cub this societal menace and not wait till a friend, sister or relative falls prey before we speak up and take a stand, because most times, people are wrongly accused, without thorough investigations. When the truth later comes out, the harm is usually already done.

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