Dec 19, 2012

Politician Divorces 17yrs Old Bride Because He Didn't Meet Her A Virgin

For divorcing his teenage wife days just four after they were married because “she didn’t bleed”, a popular politician in Indonesian is now feeling the wrath of his fellow politicians and members of the public.

Mr Aceng Fikri, district chief in West Java, made headlines when he told reporters that he had divorced his 17-year-old wife, Fani Oktora, as she did not come “as advertised.”

“I felt that she was not a virgin because no blood came out,” he told reporters who had asked him his reason for divorcing such a beautiful wife.

The 40-year-old claimed that Fani Oktora, whom he took on as his second wife, was not a virgin. He said he took the action because he wanted a wife who is “beautiful on the outside and on the inside.”continue reading below...Aceng also complained over the money he spent on their expensive wedding ceremony on July 14 this year, which cost him Rp250 million (approx. RM80,000/ $26,000).

“Even sleeping with an artiste doesn’t cost that much. After I bought her, I found out that she was ‘not as advertised’, so I returned her,” the media quoted him as saying.

He said he only slept with her once after their wedding ceremony.

After four days of being married, the young wife, Fani, received a text message on her cell phone from her husband, informing her that he was divorcing her. She has thus reported him to the police for “psychological abuse.”

Fani said she had consented to being his wife after he pledged to pay for her college fees, as well as take her on a religious pilgrimage to Mecca.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, has expressed concern over Aceng’s actions. Consequently, Home Affairs Minister, Gamawan Fauzi, had ordered West Java Governor, Ahmad Heryawan, to tick out Aceng as district chief.

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