May 1, 2012

Pastor Tricked into Marrying Ghost Seeks Divorce after 6 years

A Bulawayo Pastor cum businessman is in a dillemma following being dumped by his wife whom he allegedly discovered had skeletons in her wardrobe for the past six years. Pastor William Banda (33) of the Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) tied the knot in June 2007 with the woman he knew as Thandiwe Phiri (32).

From the beginning, it is claimed that Phiri allegedly fooled her man into believing she did not have kids and the two children she was taking care of belonged to her late sister. Pastor Banda, being blinded by love, never realised that he was being taken for a ride and even when Good Samaritans tried to alert him, he turned a blind eye saying they were Satan’s angels. A reliable source close to the ‘estranged’ couple revealed that when the two got married, people tried to warn Banda but he ignored them.

“I know Thandi very well and she is way older than what she claims. She divorced her first husband and as for the second one he passed away,” said the source.
The woman and pastor Banda were first business partners and their relationship blossomed. After their marriage, they started staying with the two children whom she claimed were her sister’s but after some time, Banda discovered that they were in fact ‘hers’.

“Then man of God forgave his wife and they pretended as if nothing happened. A blow came when the woman fell seriously ill. Banda sold some of their property in a bid to help her ailing wife and as a result he had financial challenges. They had problems after that and she left him when she went to Harare,” said the source.

When contacted for comment, pastor Banda, an owner of a mine in Shurugwi confirmed the reports.
“I still can not believe that I was in love with a ‘ghost’. Thandiwe Phiri was not what I thought. She lied about everything and her parents knew but they kept quiet. If only I had listened to what people were saying, but it’s now too late and I hope the law would take its course,” said the devastated man.

The two are in the process of divorcing and Phiri refused to comment on the issue, saying she did not want the media to meddle in her private life.

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