May 1, 2012

Prophet forces 14 year old boy to Sodomise him

A 26-year-old self-proclaimed Glen View prophet was yesterday charged with aggravated indecent assault after allegedly forcing a 14-year-old teenager to sodomise him.

The man, Mathodias Matambo, pleaded not guilty to the charge when he appeared before regional magistrate Adonia Masawi.

The court heard on April 25 this year, Matambo visited the teenager at his aunt’s house where he had been invited to pray for the aunt. While at the residence and after conducting his prayers, Matambo allegedly requested the boy to accompany him to his shrine claiming the boy also needed prayers.

The court heard Matambo allegedly told the boy he had demons that were causing him to abscond from school before offering to cast them away.

The teenager is said to have complied and accompanied Matambo to an open space in Glen View 1 where he allegedly conducted various prayers.

After a while Matambo is alleged to have told the boy that they should rest and sleep.

He also allegedly warned the teenager everything done at his shrine must be kept a secret and that what was about to happen should not be repeated to anyone.

Matambo then requested the boy to sleep by his side and the he complied. He allegedly caressed teenager’s genitals and removed his trousers and pants to knee level after which he forced the teenager to sodomise him.

The court heard the boy started crying, prompting Matambo to set him free.

He went home and told his cousin and aunt what had transpired, leading to Matambo’s arrest.

In his defence Matambo said he simply asked the boy to sit close to him on a rock at his shrine, but never ordered him to sodomise him.

Trial continues tomorrow.

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