Jun 27, 2012

Sara Kruzan Sentenced to Life Without Parole at Age 16 for Killing her Pimp to Escape

When Sarah Kruzan was a 13 year old honor roll student living with her abusive mother, an aggressive pimp forced her into life on the streets as a prostitute. After being raped, selling her body and living this violent lifestyle, Sarah Kruzan killed her pimp to escape.
After her arrest and conviction the judge denied Sarah Kruzan’s right to be sentenced as a juvenile.

At 16 years old Sarah Kruzan was sentenced to life in prison - WITHOUT PAROLE. She is now 29 years old, appears to be redeemed, and without attention to her story Sarah Kruzan will die in prison. Hear her SPeech In school, I excelled. I was on the honor roll, the principal's honor roll. I was an overachiever. I ran track. I ran for student body president.continue reading...
I wrote a book on drugs and it's effects and I won a young author award. G.G. would start to take me or my little friends to rollerskating or to the mall. He was like a father-figure. G.G. was there ... sometimes. And he would talk to me and take me out and give me all of these lavish gifts or do all these things for me. And he would tell me "sex wise, you don't know need to give it up for free."

 He would try and put in my head all of these different things and how men really think and how men are. So, I would believe him. He had sex with me when I was 13 and um, he's a very ... he uses his "manhood" to hurt ... like break you in, I guess. G.G.'s hours were from 6pm to about 5:30 or 6 in the morning. The girls would bring their money and give it to him.

 He was like married to all of us, I guess... This is just how they do.
Everything, everything was his. The judge sat up there and I remember my lawyer saying that he wanted to ask for me to be sentenced as a juvenile since YA (Youth Authority) had found me immunable and susceptible to the treatment. Um, but the judge said that because of my crime, that it was well-thought out, I deserved life without... That means, I'm going to die here. I definitely know I deserve punishment.

 I mean, you don't just take someone's life and think it's okay. So yes, I definitely deserve punishment. How much? I don't know. Everyday is something that is not going to ever go away. I'm very sorry to take his life like that. I've always tried to educate myself though... in far as reading books and things like that. I didn't think I could excel. Who wants to excel in prison? I mean, be all you can be is not much.

 My guess is my little heart would tell me that I was worth more. My judge had told me I lacked moral scruples and I understand that. I had no clue what morals were and no clue what scruples meant. So I had to find that in the dictionary and put the two together. So "integrity" and "honesty" and all of these things i needed to learn. I went ahead and started to build this.

At a parole building, I would want to tell them that first of all, I have learned what moral scruples are. Second, everyday is a challenge and i realize that i found an ability to believe in myself and i have a lot of good to offer. Now, the person i am today, at 29, I believe I could set a positive example. I'm very determined to show that no matter what you've done or what you've come from or what you've experienced in life, it's up to you to change.

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Jonathan Muhm said...

That judge should've had mercy. She was 13 and was being raped. She doesn't need to be in prison anymore.